Administrative Office

Voorhees Township Fire Department
2002 S. Burnt Mill Road
Voorhees, NJ 08043


Inspection Bureau

The Voorhees Township Fire Department Fire Prevention Bureau conducts inspections of businesses in Voorhees Township.

Our Fire Official Michael Wharton oversees the Fire Prevention Bureau. We currently have (23) twenty-three inspectors who handle various types of inspections

If you are having an event that would require a permit, please select the permit form that would apply. If you are using any type of fuel please utilize the fuel permit.

We require that all permits be paid in advance. We accept check and cash. Please make all checks payable to Voorhees Fire Department. Please request your permits at least (2) two weeks in advance of your event.

We have our Fire Department registration forms for new businesses. We also have contact information for the State of New Jersey who would require registration.

We have included information on smoke alarms, lint schedules, barbecue grills, solar information along with knox box requirements.

If you should have any questions with any of our forms or need assistance, please contact


EFFECTIVE 1/1/2019

All battery smoke detectors must be the 10-year sealed battery units.

(a) In one- and two-family or attached single family dwellings subject to the requirements of N.J.A.C.

5:70-2.3, smoke alarms shall be installed as follows:

  1. On each level of the premises; and
  2. Outside of each separate sleeping area.

(b) The smoke alarms required in (a) above shall be located and maintained in accordance with NFPA 72

1 . The alarms shall not be required to be interconnected.

(c) Ten-year sealed battery-powered single station smoke alarms shall be installed and shall be listed in accordance with ANSI/UL 217, incorporated herein by reference. However, A/C-powered single or multiple-station smoke alarms installed as part of the original construction or rehabilitation project shall not be replaced with battery-powered smoke alarms.

The effective date of this subsection shall be January 1, 2019.

  1.  A/C-powered smoke alarms shall be accepted as meeting the requirements of this section.