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Voorhees Township Fire Department
2002 S. Burnt Mill Road
Voorhees, NJ 08043


Fire Prevention Bureau: Knox Box Instructions

You have received an application for a knox box. Please contact the fire department to ensure proper placement the knox box. The knox box must be affixed to an approved location.

After installation, please contact the fire department to have a fire officer meet you to place the keys in the knox box. Please provide the officer the doors the keys will open.

The number to contact The Voorhees Township Fire Department is 856-783-6630 x7503. This is the extension of Karen Walton. She will forward the information to the fire officer.

The following instructions pertain to the management of the Knox box for businesses in Voorhees.

If you have a knox box we request the following:

  1. As part of your annual/quarterly inspection we will check the knox box for location.
  2. We will open knox box to verify the keys and the doors they open.
  3. We will confirm your emergency contacts and phone numbers.

This information will be updated on our form and utilized for preplan and inspection information.

If your business should change its locks and keys which are contained in the knox box, please advise the Voorhees Township Fire Department.  You can contact the Voorhees Township Fire Department at 856-783-6630 x7503, or email to