Administrative Office

Voorhees Township Fire Department
2002 S. Burnt Mill Road
Voorhees, NJ 08043


OEM Manual Suggestions

Manual due date:

  • The manuals need to be updated and delivered to voorhees township fire department by march 31st of each year.

When to update manual: (this includes updating all manuals)

  • When personnel changes
  • Change in ownership
  • Updating contracts with facilities and transport companies
  • After receipt of approved book, changes must be made based on approved plan review

Information necessary when making changes:

  • Place contact information front of book
  • Update the crosswalk to reflect any changes (this needs to be completed each year)
  • When completing and inserting contracts with facilities, make sure they are signed by the companies. They must be within a year timeframe. You will need at least (2) two companies

How to deliver books to Voorhees Fire Department:

  • You can email the manual to
  • They can be dropped off at 2002 S. Burnt Mill Road
  • Please send emails notifying the fire department when you will be holding drills. This information will be given to all fire department officers.

How books are reviewed:

Voorhees OEM Coordinator Chief Bordi and Camden County Coordinator Samuel Spino have allowed our Voorhees Fire Department to receive and review your manuals prior to delivery to the county.

After review and corrections that need to be made, it will be delivered to Camden County Coordinator Samuel Spino.

After review from CCOEMS Coordinator Samuel Spino, the letter of approval for plan is sent to Karen Walton at Voorhees Fire Department. The letter will be sent to Voorhees OEM Coordinator Chief Bordi. A signed copy will be sent back to Karen Walton and copied on the current year colored paper. Karen Walton will contact facility to go over changes and give copy of the approved review.

The facility should make sure all books located within the facility have a copy of the approved plan review sheet.

You can contact me anytime at 856-783-6630 x 7503, or